Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EDC 2009

Its been a long long time since I have been to a LA "rave" or massive... The last time I went to such a party was Together As One 2001, and while I had an awesome time, I also had one of my last experiences doing tons of drugs and stumbling around the LA sports arena and Colisium... eyes bugging out of my head.... I noticed that night that the elements of Peach Love Unity and Respect (PLUR for you youngins) were definitely not in effect at this party.... Too many "party crews" (gangs that wore candy necklaces) and other shady fools trying to sell bunk E, stab kids (Yes kids got stabbed and people died from overdoses) and molest 14 year old girls.....So I pretty much vowed never to go back to the any Massive held at this venue....

Then I saw the line up for this year, and holy fucking shit.....(there are a TON of other artist on the bill, I just posted the people I am super excited to hear/see)

Thievery Corporation - Live
Sound Tribe Sector 9
Infected Mushroom
Boys Noize
Fake Blood
Shinichi Osawa
Bass Weazal
LTJ Bukem
DJ Hype
Andy C
The Upbeats
Evol Intent

Like whoa...... I dont care how many scary E-ed out 13-15 year olds ask me "are you rollin" or "can I give you a light show"..... I will probably end up getting a VIP ticket, just so I can be in the 21+ area, and have access to the hosted bar serving free cocktails, beer, energy drinks and water... Sounds like it might just be worth the extra dough....

and just incase you are a total herb and are not familiar with any of the artist(s) mentioned above... check out the Essential mix by Fake Blood (posted by Skeet a few weeks back) I listen to this shit everyday..... and you should too.....


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