Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If You know me, you know I love shoes...... These are my faves for the week:

It also loos like Sneakers have been fully accepted by the mainstream, check out Playboy's kicks review

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just In Time For Summer

Old school California surf vibes with this one, Artwork by the OG Steve Nazar the dude who brought you Thrilla tha Gorilla,

Old school California surf vibes with this one, Artwork by the OG Steve Nazar the dude who brought you Thrilla Gorilla,

Just for good measure, The Hundreds got David Choe to do up a version of his Munko Whale in the classic T&C surf style....

I have a feeling this summer is gonna be amazing.......


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great Moments In Blog History

Finally, Someone came up with an idea for a blog that goes beyond funny/gross/ugle pictures, crude fart jokes, and celeb gossip. Guess Her Muff is just the blog to do so..

I sure everyone has had the same question about the opposite gender's choice in body hair modification.... What would be your guess about the girl pictured above??? Does she look like a bald, dorito chip, or jungle brush kinda girl??
Totally NSFW
Find out here

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skateboard P

I dunno whats going on here because I don't have sound at work, but I think he is saying something about french fries, in France... i think they call them like "pon friet" or something over there....... anyways......... Looks funny as hell.....


In his prime, before he started to suck, and rap about emo shit... When he was still funny..... He sounded a lot like this dude....

Why is everyone hatin on Asher Roth?? Nerdy whiteboy rap needed a new poster boy and Ash took over where Em left of like 9 years ago.......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mishka Spring 2009 Cut & Sew

Rock Solid pieces once again from Mishka camp... They never seem to let me down these days, and always seem to stay ahead of the trend(s)....

As always, they come tight with their Plaid game... I'm feeling the Chassis Plaid Shirt in Sea-Foam:

Here is what Greg of Mishka had to say about people biting them after seeing this at MAGIC

" We have been accused of being biters before (yea funny right!) but this shit is just a straight rip! I don’t even remember the name of the brand, and I don’t really care, they are fucking pieces of shit!

I even knew the dude repping them and he was trying to tell me “oh you guys have must of gotten the same fabric we did” No douche bag, we designed that plaid and color for ourselves to use. we NEVER buy plaids or checks from a fabric market, we design our own! So Don’t buy this bootleg shit, you will get laughed at!"

I'm feelin the Stomp MA1 Jacket

These Scout Work Pants in Grey and Navy are on my wish list fer sure:

Nice attention to detail with the stash pocket

The Clutch Fleece M.C. Hoodie... a fleece take on the punk rock staple:

The Panzer hoodie is a must for my closet:

Mishka has also been adding a great Accessories line to complement the garments...

The Beast of the East Ring

What self respecting punk rocker would be complete without 1 inch buttons??

Ahh.... consumerism...

Greg if you're reading this, I wear a size L in shirts, 34 in pants, and 7 1/2 in caps...

Sexy Bitch

The V-Roehr is powered by a 180hp, 1250cc Harley-Davidson Revolution engine. A supercharger is fitted to increase the Revolutions power output. The price for this limited bike (only 50 units are estimated to be produced in 2008), is US$44,995.

Hmmm... Looks pretty beastly... But god damn...180hp??? This is the baddest American built suicide machine I have seen in a while.... I would rock this baby all day, even though it has a Ducatti front end, and a Yamaha R1 exhaust....

Seeing These Dudes

At the KJEE Summer round up:
King Of Leon
Sex On Fire

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

David Choe

I have posted about him before and will probably post about him again... He is a HUGE influence on my art....

Anyone want to go to China for his upcoming show??

Also, does anyone have a copy of Dirty Hands that they want to let me barrow??

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Weekend In Photos

So it was a fun weekend to say the least... Good thing SB Nightlife was there to document the stuff I might have forgot.

Fools were high kickin it

Chicks were getting LOW
Zach Brown x dirtyCASH... SB Nightlife Television, get ready....

Saturday Night:

Was pretty epic.... DJ Kbueno and DJ Atwill blew the doors of club Statemynt ........Props to all that came out to support...

DJ Kbueno and Atwill serving some tasty beats

DJ Cyrus Alexander and DJ Plus 1 in the building.. D. Massacre creepin
Sb Nightlife was in the building

The Lovely Ana of SB Nightlife

These girls had MAD shoe game


DJ Danny Massacre of Bless the Sinner (is a sensitive gentleman)

DJ Atwill gets trippy with it

Most of The Bless The Sinner familia

Erica Goerges is a freestyle gangster

Cindy, birthday girl Gina, and Will

You know I'm buzzed when I start breakin

Big Thanks to Matto the D.R.P for throwing and hosting the shindig... and Erica "slurricane" Georges for ripping the mic

You can check out the rest of the pictures ANA shot that night Here

Also, apparently there was a near riot outside the club at closing time... Homies were kicked out of the club, fools got tasered, cops in SB always have nothing better to do than arrest drunk people....