Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mishka Spring 2009 Cut & Sew

Rock Solid pieces once again from Mishka camp... They never seem to let me down these days, and always seem to stay ahead of the trend(s)....

As always, they come tight with their Plaid game... I'm feeling the Chassis Plaid Shirt in Sea-Foam:

Here is what Greg of Mishka had to say about people biting them after seeing this at MAGIC

" We have been accused of being biters before (yea funny right!) but this shit is just a straight rip! I don’t even remember the name of the brand, and I don’t really care, they are fucking pieces of shit!

I even knew the dude repping them and he was trying to tell me “oh you guys have must of gotten the same fabric we did” No douche bag, we designed that plaid and color for ourselves to use. we NEVER buy plaids or checks from a fabric market, we design our own! So Don’t buy this bootleg shit, you will get laughed at!"

I'm feelin the Stomp MA1 Jacket

These Scout Work Pants in Grey and Navy are on my wish list fer sure:

Nice attention to detail with the stash pocket

The Clutch Fleece M.C. Hoodie... a fleece take on the punk rock staple:

The Panzer hoodie is a must for my closet:

Mishka has also been adding a great Accessories line to complement the garments...

The Beast of the East Ring

What self respecting punk rocker would be complete without 1 inch buttons??

Ahh.... consumerism...

Greg if you're reading this, I wear a size L in shirts, 34 in pants, and 7 1/2 in caps...

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