Friday, March 11, 2011

Broadcasting Live From Outer Space

SO..... Im back, well, the blog is back. I know i said this before, but this time I mean it! I finally have a working computer, and internet, so its time to start yappin again I live in a new city (still LA) well some would debate that, but these days you can catch me roaming the streets of north Hollywood CA.... and Im making music, I finally got myself a website, and I'm working on original tunes as well as a mixtape. Im also painting and making wheatpaste(s).

I have had quite the adventurous 7 month stay in the city of angels. You can learn a lot from getting out of your comfort zone, and I thank each and everyone in my life that have contributed to me getting to where I am today. From shady roommates, to drug addicted roommates, to shady drug addicted roommates, to shitty bosses, great teachers, ex girlfriends, everyone has played a little part in getting me here. I wouldn't take back any of the crazy shit I have seen, been through or done in the past 28 years, let alone the last seven months. Big shouts to all the real family (my friends are my family) who stood by and kept saying I could. haha (Mom, this is our year)

LA has a way of breaking people who aren't ready, or focused enough what that dream is. Im sure plenty of people dont make it here... actually I hear stories all the time about bands, actors, models, whatever, not making it here and resorting to living a world of shit, via drugs and alcohol, prostitution, homelessness. I'm not gonna name names, or shit on everyone directly, but they dont call LA the snake pit, for no reason, its cut thoat out there. Also Losers dont need any free publicity, so Im glad I have moved on, and with every door that closes, 3 more seem to always open up. Oh and karma is a bitch I hear.

Burning Man was a trip, in every definition of the word. I will go into that story when I have some time, but basically, its everything you read about and more. I plan on going again this year, this picture sums up some of my best playa memories:

Last year a tent and my pickup truck just were not enough for the harsh conditions, so this year I plan on building a hexayurt

Hopefully I can even be cool enough to build my yurt before Lightning In a Bottle because I already have my ticket for that. I went in 2008 in Santa Barbara (and last year in the OC) and I must say that its my favorite party. I really think you all should go.

More ramblings from your boy dirt later on but in the mean time, brush your teeth, and call your moms.

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