Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smoke And Mirrors

SO I pretty much just came to the realization, that I'm creating my own universe, I mean we all are (those who are aware) but I have been dreaming/scheming for some time now, in my head, in sketchbooks, and random napkin notes, doodles etc. On just exactly what I want in my life and what my dreams are, and how to accomplish those dreams..... Corny as it sounds, they say anything is possible if you can dream it, or "my momma always told me I could be whatever I want".
ITS TOTALLY TRUE... We live in the fucking matrix, its up to you to unplug and start living like Neo.

Within the last few weeks, I have seen many of my dreams manifest and start to take form. I now have my own dot com:, which will soon feature my music, bio, video, and dj mixes. I have been working with the good homie Bobby Digital/ Stunt 101 Media Group
on my website, and business cards.. Both are looking great, and might just blow your mind. Im finally, FINALLY making music.. On top of that I have set out to conquer Hollywood, and then the world. Well "conquer" might be a strong word.

LA is a trip to say the least. Hollywood is smaller than you think and celebs and "A listers" are a strange phenomenon. (Fatlip is one cool dude tho, he dug my business card, and maybe I can get him on a dirt track?) Im not gonna talk shit the scene in LA, or try to bad mouth people to make a name for the dirt, but hollywood really aint all that its cracked up to be. I was looking at old blog entries here, and its funny because I used to blog about the the life I'm finally living. Metaphorically speaking, I wrote the dirty cash saga in my head long ago, and I have always knows that I wanted to make music. Then after I had realized I was bored with the all that Santa Barbara had to offer, I kinda said to myself," I'm gonna chase this mother fucking, metal band/electro/dubstep/screamo/dj/singer dream until it happens" My friend Inti once told me, years ago, "DO YOU" and thats the motto I have followed since 12 or 13.... originate, never imitate.

Look out world...... This native alien is set on keeping my name on your mind, and my songs stuck in ur head.

OH.... i totally need to thank every friend, or extended family who has said, "you can make that shit" or "do you" or "I like ur steez". I should even thank a few of the people who have told me " You cant" or "give up"........I have built up quite the network of amazing people in my life, and weened out a lot of the haters, psychic vampires and negativity. but in many ways, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you.

check out the rest of the pictures from last the beardyman show last night via the cobrasnake

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