Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shit I'm Diggin...

Here is some stuff I am currently feeling...

1) Hot Chicks who don't wear bras:

2) Hardcore/Scene/Suicide/Tatted down Chicks

and a few non tatted but still scene chicks:

hot chick DJ's

3) Side Boob.... Who doesnt love sideboob??

4) Dudes gear I need/want/will cop:


5)Chicks gear I dig...

and whatever shirt Yasi from Cultist is wearing:

photos by others* email me if you want them removed, or want more info on a subject

And here is one example of steez that that im not too sure if I hate or dig, but I still give the dude props
Taz from MCM/Sa-Ra:

Does'nt the guy on Asian guy on the left kinda look like my homie Kaj?

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