Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shit I'm Hating on...

First up are some fashion statements that I can't stand...

1) Shutter Shades/Kanye West Glasses:

I have always though they were ugly, pointless and lame.... but somehow America has embraced them as the new cool thing to wear....

2) Those ugly "Gladiator" sandals that hot girls wear to make themselvs look like the should be wearing a toga:

3) Surface piercings. Now I know they might look cool (before they become infected)but really, who wants the ugly scar they leave after the skin rejects them??

4) Semi hot girls, who wear lame/pointless glasses, and in turn make themselvs no longer semi hot:

There are however some exceptions to this: 1) if they actually help you see, or 2) if they are Cazals:

5) Stupid face paint... again what's with the useless "Flair"???

And while I'm talking about useless "flair"... Honestly, how much junk do you need on your neck/wrist/head?

Other various shit that bothers me at the moment would be:
This guy

dirty/smelly kicks

and dudes in gold Lame...

Chicks on the other hand, in gold (or pink, purple and silver) lame, are always/usually a good look:

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