Monday, January 12, 2009

What Is Blog Rap?

Ok OK... I'm a little late on this one... as far as the blog world goes....
But after hearing a lot, I mean A LOT of talk about this dude Asher Roth
I decided to check him out for myself....
Honestly his voice and delivery remind me of the first time I heard Eminiem, back when he was still funny and not so angry..

Asher Roth gives me hope on a very stagnant music genre...... His "A Millie remix" and the tracks: "the Lounge" and "Cannon" are all blessed and then murdered by his lryical skills

I dig the cat enough to even post a track that I think his verse really stands out in,...."Change Gone Come"Featuring fellow blog rappers, Charles Hamilton and B.O.B

Go check him out on thedailykush, download his mixtape: The GreenHouse effect Vol 1,

And go buy his album when it drops....

Also check out some other blog rap cats currently making noise: Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz, and B.O.B

I would also to point out a few other noteable cats... U-N-I, Odd Todlers, and of course Kid Cudi

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