Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's the Weekly update on all the shit I'm currently Feeling/Hating, and this week there wasnt too much to feel or hate... So I combined them into one post........

Silly Little Hats.... I don't know what the fuck is up with this trend... .but it NEEDS to end soon....

The only cool part about this Lady's hat is that it's a KAWS hat (I doubt he actually made a silly hat, but this lady is pretty famous I think)

If you don't know who KAWS is... well you need to read up on dude, He's everywhere, here is a KOZIKxKAWS Companion.. I want it...

I'm also not a fan of Doc Martins coming back.... I hated them back when goth/punk kids wore them in highschool.... and somehow I think they are making a come back

And I'm definitely not feeling SoMe's scruffy french chest hair:

Way too much Neon/pastel/Bright Colors:

Or the Gladiator/spartan sandals

Here is some gear I'm putting on my need/want/must cop list:

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