Thursday, September 4, 2008


You know how I do, this is the weekly rundown on shit I'm hating/feelin on currently, Here is this weeks picks for shit I'm hating:

Last week it was those stupid "gladiator" sandals that hot girls everywhere are sporting... here's a few of this weeks examples :

Someone gave this girl regular sandals to wear, thank god..

And I even found the first dude to rock the Gladiators (eww)

Now besides gladiator sandals, I think I found a new trend that I can't really understand... I think they call them "spats" Observe:

I don't get it... I think this trend had not caught on yet, it looks like it's so far contained itself to the same two girls.... They both are little cuties tho...

I'm STILL hating on the grandma glasses:

The girl on the right(Laura from American Apparel I think) is a great example:

Doesn't she look 80x hotter without the strange glasses on?? maybe they are perscription??

What's up with headbands?? Are they now something cool I need to buy??? Do they posses magical powers to whom ever wears them?

Another style trend I'm not too sure about, is the super high waisted short/jeans/tights/leaderhosen... I have seen a few girls who pull this off well... but I thought just a few years ago, super low rise was the hot look?????

and finally some looks I can't really feel:




all photos courtesy of: the cobra snake, Kid Paparazzi, Style Sightings, Neek, Switch, and maybe some other fools

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