Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bite-ers, Posers, Wackness

I read this post and thought it was well written and I agree 1000%

Reason #89731687613 why Kanye sucks

The original "Welcome To Heartbreak"

Kanye's Bite:

Now I can't say that I hate Yeezy... or his music.... but his attitude of "I'm the best and greatest producer/fashion icon/rapper/singer/vocoder user EVER" is pretty lame..

Speaking of Kanye, Did you guys catch the "Gay Fish" Episode of South Park??

Fucking hilarious

Right on the money......

Oh and while I'm rambling about Kanye and crew, peep this vid about Taz Arnold,(did the south park dudes nail his kooky likeness or what?)
I have blogged about him before and i don't care if you hate him or love him, dude is making MAJOR waves and staying foot (or leopard print cowboy boot) ahead of the fashion game....

I'm feelin that MCM Blue leather motorcycle jacket tho....

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