Friday, April 3, 2009

Fundrasing For Ana

My good friend and favorite photographer Ana recently was in a bad ATV accident. I'm not gonna go in to too much detail here, but she is *cringe* uninsured. Doctor bills can be a BITCH and today the good people of Sexxytime are having a little fundraiser:

Friday, April 3rd: George, Erika, & DJ Fab of Sexxytime will be accepting cash or check donations for Ana at Silvergreens for those of you that aren't familiar with PayPal. The "silvertime" event is FREE to attend and runs from 6pm-10pm. All ages welcome before 10pm! If you would like to make a donation right away, you can do so safely via PayPal by visiting:

Every dollar counts and hopefully with the help of all the good people of Santa Barbara/California/the world..... Ana will not have to pay all of the hefty hospital bills herself.

To read a more in depth update about her situation, upcoming fundraising events and to find out what you can do to help out Click Here

I personally wish her the best of luck and a very speedy recovery.. Ana we need you back on the streets and in the clubs, taking your amazing pictures.....


The A of DNA said...

Thanks so much Mike! Love you lots.

But some other bad news. . I'm officially moving out from downstairs already (Not that you would see me much anyways since I'm healing at Derren's lol) But yah. I even put on the craigslist ad how much I would miss my neighbors. heh.

dirtycash said...

I know... I heard...... AWWW
its all good.... we will still kick it fo show!