Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Celeb" Tatas

Now I have posted about some of these tatas before, and some are new to The Dirt Report

First up:Audrina Patridge (real or fakies??)

I still think her sister Casey is much hotter, Audrina has a lazy face and always looks like she is sleepy or on Valium... You can see what they look like without the bikini here and after reviewing the pictures minus bikini, I might have to say that they look pretty damn real

Next up, Santa Barbara Local and Girl kissing christian, Katy Perry:

+2 (or 4) for real boobs!

1 comment:

Dr. D.R. said...

audrinas are totally fake.

her nips are pointed upwards and they are far apart and create more of an awkward valley than real, juicy ta tas...