Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silversun Pickups- Swoon

"want to burn skin and brand what once was mine
but the red views keep ripping the divide
if i go everywhere you want me to go
how will i know you'll still follow "

So I'm officially in love with the new Silversun Pickups' album Swoon...(I also enjoy the wheatpaste artist of the same name)

Seriously, its been growing on me..... but I am a huge fan of albums you can put on and listen to start to finish, like before all music was digital and you would actually buy a CD (remember those?)..... This is one of those CD's...... Someting about nerdy rock with a tinge of epicness.... I dig it..... You should too if you like that sorta stuff.....

some tracks worth listening to include: Growning Old Is Getting Old, Its Nice To Know You Work Alone (my fav) Panic Switch, and Sort Of..... But its all genius to me...

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