Monday, May 11, 2009

Still Burning

So from what I hear, the Jesusita fire is somewhat contained and not burning dangerously close to houses, like it was last week. Most of the evacuees are back in their homes (well the ones whos homes did not burn) You can read about it here, but for the most part my city no longer looks like this:

In other Dirt Report news, I had a pretty laid back weekend... got out of SB for a sec to breath some cleaner air in Ventura... I've been pretty chill on the drinking...

And I am still am a huge fan of sideboob.... Here is a little of what I'm talking about thanks to Driven By Boredom

Sideboob is a great thing, but what about front/underboob, black leather, a cowboy hat and metal studs?

A little T-n-A always makes me smile, esp. on a gloomy Monday

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