Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sneakers And Hype

Here is a post that I found to be super proactive in not giving in to the consumer-driven culture of limited sneakers. Now I'm not one to talk when it comes to buying un-needed gear, fitted caps, or sneakers, and tho I have never dropped $300 plus bucks on some dunks or Jordans (not that I don't want to, and I probably would had I not bought a motorcycle) I think the whole air Yeezy thing is kinda gone overboard.

I had a chance to stay up all night, and possibly buy the first colorway of the shoe at retail cost ($230) when they dropped a few weeks ago... But I figured I really REALLY like my sleep, and if I couldn't sell them, I prolly wouldn't wear them because they were kinda fugly. Also I have done the whole, wait in a line, all night for a product thing, and it's not worth it no matter how much I could slang them on ebay for. Then I hit up the homie Gomez to see what he though about the shoe and if he knew any insider info on the shoe, and his words of wisdom were "Buy them only if you like them"

Yesterday I read this post on Switch's blog, and saw that Levi Maestro was selling the Yeezy's he most likely got for free, but putting all the proceeds to chairity:

"This is a big deal to me. As you know the release of these first two Air Yeezy’s has been pretty crazy, I must admit, crazier than I imagined. There’s a lot of people out there that have taken this way too seriously, I’m not knocking any sneakerheads, fanatics, etc., however when it comes down to you acting like a little girl because you might not be able to get the shoes…this is when it has gone too far. Please realize that there is an enormous amount of people (including young children) in this world that have NO shoes at all!!!! Nobody needs the Yeezy’s and I am one of those people, so I’m auctioning the shoes on Ebay and 100% of the proceeds will be given to this DOPE organization called Soles 4 Souls."

Its funny because homie "test skated" the pair of kicks potentially worth over $700 bucks, and actually busted some sick tricks

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

It really goes to show you... Pretty much none of the material objects so many Americans spend all of their time/energy/money to acquire, really matter in the bigger picture, when children in other countries are starving and barefoot, or even worse forced to become soldiers ... Even though I really dig the black/pink colorway, I would much rather spend my money on my motorcycle, or a pair or Nike ID dunks that I could custom paint myself.

So if you really need to spend $700 on a pair of Air Gayfish's.... then buy the Maestro ones because 100% of those proceeds are going to a good cause...

Click here To bid

PS.... anyone else think Maestro is killing it on the web-vid tip??? Well shot, well documented California lifestyle steez..... kinda what I had hoped to do with SB Nightlife TV

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